Annual Training

KNOW MORE annual training is a comprehensive program that focuses on the core elements of domestic violence in teen dating relationships. It provides the tools and methodology needed by high school students for educating their peers about domestic violence.

Topics Include

Training Dates

Currently no dates announced.

School Requirements
  • 1
    Icon Overhead Projector
    Facilitate program implementation and provide technical support for presentations (projector or other requested equipment).
  • 2
    Icon Male Charts
    KNOW MORE requires at least 10 presentations (approx. 45min) each school year.
  • 3
    Icon Female Teacher
    Provide Advisor to support and run program
  • 4
    Icon Key Ring
    Coordinate (and if necessary, supervise) site visits. Work with Advisor to open up classrooms.
  • 5
    Icon Desks
    Meet on campus once a week for one hour.
  • 6
    Icon Saving Money
    Approve proposed fundraising and extracurricular activities.

For pricing or other questions, please contact:

Jessica Sailor | 559.237.4706