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Technology and Boundaries

As we have mentioned before, boundaries are an essential part to every healthy relationship. What many people do not realize is that boundaries are not just physical and emotional, they can also be digital.
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"Communication is Key"

“Communication is key.” This is popular phrase that people say when referring to healthy relationships, but just how important is it? Well, odds are, you are NOT a mind reader and neither is your partner. The fact of the matter is that there is no way to know what someone is thinking unless you are told.
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"As educators, we have the chance to inform people about very important life lessons that others would have never been informed about."

Peer Educator, Sunnyside High School

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"Growing up, I was surrounded by destroyed marriages, Coming form a so called 'broken home,' I always wanted to understand what a healthy and effective relationship really was."

Peer Educator, Clovis High School

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