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@ Feb 23
“Although my time in the program has been short in comparison to others, the program itself has had a tremendous impact on various aspects in my life. Because of this program, I have been able to help myself and family members beware of dangerous relationships."

Peer Educator, Central East High School

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Often times we feel as though we can’t talk about domestic violence because it is something that is uncomfortable, and we think that nothing like that would ever even happen to us. KNOW MORE is a great program because it is eye opening.

Peer Educator, Edison High School

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Being in KNOW MORE has changed my life tremendously. I grew up in a domestic violence home for 12 years of my life, and it has greatly affected me and my relationships with people.

Peer Educator, Clovis High School

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Growing up in a domestic violence household I knew domestic violence was not okay. Just because you know something isn’t acceptable doesn’t mean you won’t continue those learned behaviors. I grew up to become an abuser myself (never physically, but verbally).

Peer Educator, Gateway High School

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