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@ Apr 13
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Growing up in a domestic violence household I knew domestic violence was not okay. Just because you know something isn’t acceptable doesn’t mean you won’t continue those learned behaviors. I grew up to become an abuser myself (never physically, but verbally). I was controlling because controlling behavior was what I witnessed and I thought as a male, women were supposed to be under our control and demands. I then discovered the KNOW MORE program through the Marjaree Mason Center which I believe truly saved my life. I learned that abuse is not love and just because I grew up and witnessed domestic violence I am not entitled to continue that cycle. Today I am proud to say I am domestic violence free. I am married in a healthy relationship with my wife and we have a 9-month old son who will never have to grow up in a home like I did. He will be able to enjoy life as a child in a domestic violence free home.

Peer Educator, Gateway High School