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Technology and Boundaries


As we have mentioned before, boundaries are an essential part to every healthy relationship. What many people do not realize is that boundaries are not just physical and emotional, they can also be digital. With the prevalence of cell phones and social media, it is just as important to discuss digital boundaries with your partner, as well as physical and emotional boundaries. Before you talk to your partner about digital boundaries, consider what your boundaries may be.

Here are some things to ask yourself:

-          When is it okay for your partner to text you and response expectations.

-          Are you comfortable being tagged in posts or check-ins?

-          Are you comfortable with your partner having your cell phone/social media passwords?

-          Are you comfortable with your partner posting about your relationship?

Figuring out how you feel about these things can make talking to your partner a little easier. You might find out that you share some of the same boundaries as your partner, but there also may be some negotiating and compromise. It is important that you agree to something that works for both of you.

Like most things, boundaries can change over time. Maybe in the beginning of your relationship you were uncomfortable with something, but over time, you change your mind or vice versa. This is normal. It is important to communicate these changes in boundaries with your partner. You both should feel that you could freely, openly and honestly talk about your boundaries.

One final important thing is to respect each other’s boundaries. If you or your partner constantly crosses boundaries, it can be very uncomfortable. Being respectful of boundaries can be hard, but truly shows your partner that you care! Check out some of our other posts for more information on healthy and unhealthy relationships!

- Megan Oleski, Youth Education Specialist